Five into one

Better than ever

By combining five of the world’s leading location intelligence specialists, you will see an enhanced breadth and depth of capability we can offer you and your customers. As one global brand, you and your customers will benefit from the unparalleled data quality, technology, and user experience our unified solution delivers.

Best data

The best data

bolstered global data quality through continuous improvement

Best technology

The best technology

the ultimate data cleansing capabilities and user experience

Best people

The best people

commitment to world class customer success built around you

As one we will be Loqate.


We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for their continued support. Although things are changing, you remain our highest priority and can expect an even greater capability, level of service and support.

Over 13,000 customers and partners trust Loqate for their location intelligence data, you’ll be in good company



What does that mean for my existing product/relationship with you?
Very little will change. We will still continue to provide the products you are used to and the same support teams are available to help you should you have any questions.
Will I be forced onto another product?
No. However, if there is an upgrade available for you we’ll provide this to you as an option as soon as we are able to.
Do I need to amend my contract/relationship with you in any way?
Will it have any impact on pricing?
At the moment there are no planned pricing changes, and would give you reasonable notice should this change.
Will GBG Loqate bank details change?
No, our bank numbers are still the same and we will continue to do business as Loqate Inc.