Geocode & Reverse Geocode

Enhance your location databases by adding latitude and longitude coordinates

GBG | Loqate’s solution augments the precision and value of any geospatially-aware application by associating a latitude and longitude coordinate to an address location, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

  • Enables locations to be displayed on a map or passed to GIS applications
  • Adds geocodes to premise-level in 120 countries worldwide, including point-level (rooftop) geocoding in 60 countries
  • Geo-distance field returned letting you know how accurate the geocode is to the address
  • Adds geocodes to city centroid positions for over 240 countries
  • Adds latitude and longitude coordinates to worldwide postal addresses Provides input for location-based services (LBS) applications
  • Geo-accuracy field returned indicating the type of geocode appended


Geocode Location


GBG Loqate’s Geocode solution will append digital latitude and longitude data to addresses, augmenting location datasets with the most accurate and up-to-date geospatial information

Reverse Geocode
Reverse Geolocation


GBG Loqate’s Reverse Geocode solution identifies locations nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate, enabling increased reliability of the location data. Even when addresses are unavailable, our Reverse Geocoding feature provides corresponding addresses for geolocation queries

Deployment Options

Flexible deployment methods that fit any technical environment



GBG | Loqate engine installed on end user server

Purchase transactions or 12-month subscription



GBG | Loqate hosted cloud accessed via REST API

On-demand service

No infrastructure cost

Purchase transactions


Private Cloud

Host GBG | Loqate engine locally from a web server

Access via internally hosted web service

Purchase transactions or 12-month subscription

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