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Please make sure the setting does not block the URLs below: port 80 port 443

More information of Install Manager can be found at:
Please make sure if the InstallManager is placed and installed in the same directory as Loqate API, e.g., C:/edqav/ 2015Q3.0.7975
We’d like to suggest for you to proceed with offline installation, in which case the license pack and data packs need to be downloaded separately in a machine that has internet connectivity and then copied over to the install machine. More information of the Installation can be found at:
There are 5 ways to get the API version on:
There are 5 ways to get the data version, please refer to the detailed information at:
We update our reference data on a quarterly basis.
The PostalCode can be retrieved in the query process if other address info is provided, e.g., AdministrativeArea, Locality, Thoroughfare.
We are unable to disclose our data vendors, however, the vendors we obtain the data from are reputable and considered experts in their respective fields.

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